“Rainbow Tribe consistently and successfully nurtures future artists, audiences and citizens. This will help to build a brighter future to anyone who is touched by the Tribe."

~Marshall Hughes, Director of Visual, Performing, and Media Arts at Roxbury Community College.

Why support Rainbow Tribe, Inc.?

  1. We have been educating and performing for over 20 years! We are proud to be part of Boston’s arts community. Rainbow Tribe, Inc. produces successful shows, including 8 Tribe Vibe’s, a community series featuring contemporaries such as the Floorlords, Boston Tap Company, Triveni Ensemble and Northeast Youth Ballet along with other groups who specialize in modern, step and many other forms of dance
  2. Tribe has always supported a variety of social causes
  3. Because of our track record with Children's Hospital, The Italian Home for Children and young people, the organization was chosen by the Drug Enforcement Administration Youth Dance Program to run its after-school dance program for at-risk teens.
  4. We make our performances accessible by keeping ticket prices as low as possible

We are unique because we add to Boston’s dance community:

  1. devotion to diversity in
    • a. dancers
    • b. repertoire/choreography
    • c. style and culture
  2. commitment to community service, social causes
    • a. after school Drug Enforcement Administration Youth Dance Program
    • b. on-going fundraising/performance support for nonprofits (Project Bread, Breast Cancer Walk)
  3. established, supportive, growth-oriented environment for performing dancers

So, artistically, we embrace many styles of dance: traditional (ballet, tap, ethnic, American, jazz/theater, etc.) modern/contemporary/lyrical and organic styles (street, hip-hop, krump, etc.).  We make people want to move. In the limited time we have, we work hard to be authentic in our dancing. For example, our African and Latin work has been developed by members trained in Africa and Latin America. (We have also had members from Africa and Latin America).