20iN2012 Alumni Workshops!!

Start Time: 
Saturday, March 10, 2012 - 12:30pm to 5:30pm

Pre-Registration online required and strongly recommended – rainbowtribe.org@gmail.com

11:30-12:30 Sign-in at BU Dance Theater Lobby (Buick Street entrance), and Walk-in Class Registration.  Space is limited.  Cash or checks made payable to Rainbow Tribe, Inc. accepted. 


Boston University Dance Theater

Class In Group: 
12:30-2:00 pm
Cardio Striptease
Class Instructor: 
Jeff Costa, Rainbow Tribe Alum
Class Description: 

Cardio Striptease delivers an electrifying aerobic-dance workout!  The perfect marriage of exercise and dance, Cardio Striptease provides a safe environment for participants to get in touch with their “inner stripper” while sweating to the most cutting-edge pop music and dancing to free-flowing and innovative choreography. For 2012, Cardio Striptease has partnered with Kellogg’s Latin America.  Find Jeff’s four new Cardio Striptease home exercise DVDs in over 2.5 million boxes of Special K cereal across 9 Spanish-speaking countries! New workouts include CST Sexy Dance, CST Chair Dance, CST Sexy Pilates and CST Sexy Abs. Just look for the Special K cereal with Jeff’s picture on the box!  www.CardioStriptease.com (Must be 18 years old.  Absolutely no nudity.  Wear comfortable dance clothes.  Please bring an extra top to strip off, and heels, character shoes or stilettos for the end of class.) 

JEFF COSTA is a recognized vanguard of the fitness industry.  With a teaching career spanning over twenty years, Jeff blew up the LA fitness scene at the turn of the new millennium, reinventing group exercise with his trademark workout, Cardio Striptease.  An alumnus of Boston University and Rainbow Tribe, Jeff has become ubiquitously known as the founder of what TIME Magazine coined the New Burlesque movement in gym culture; unabashedly blending the worlds of striptease, burlesque and pole dancing with the training playground of the group exercise studio, complete with vertical poles, feather boas and a stable of Hollywood celebrities.  Jeff’s inspiration, dedication and perspiration are the hallmarks of industry excellence, matched only by his boundless creativity, a shoot-from-the-hip teaching style and authentic charm. 

Dance Comedy!
Class Instructor: 
Wendy Seyb, Rainbow Tribe Alum
Class Description: 

Wendy Seyb has been a working choreographer in NYC for over a decade. Her recent career highlights include choreographing THE PEE WEE HERMAN SHOW, her Broadway and HBO debut; and working with the Tony-Award winning team of URINETOWN on their newest musical called YEAST NATION (the triumph of life).  She has also been creating her own repertoire of numerous dance comedies through her company EveryDayMan adventures. Her master class will have you not only sweating with her athletic style of theater dance but also your sides splitting with laughter of the comedy your character.  You will learn how much the tiniest gesture can convey so much story and character.  Come play for 90 minutes of fast track dance comedy!

Class Instructor: 
Calvin Wiley, Rainbow Tribe Artistic Director, 1993-1997
Class Description: 

CALVINOGRAPHYdance® is pre-choreographed programming designed for group fitness and dance class environments.  These pre-choreographed programs are in 4 week cycles, showcasing multi/diverse dance styles.  These classes are led by our world class master instructors who bring forth our mission, vision and philosophy. This venture is a resounding confirmation of Calvin Wiley’s permanent place as an innovator and pacesetter in the dance & fitness landscape.   Calvin is known for his unique and provocative style of teaching and motivating others. Calvin not only breaks new ground with his dynamic choreography, but without a doubt he's a pacesetter for the fitness and dance industries. Calvin has pioneered and branded his teaching style CALVINOGRAPHY®, which maintains the philosophy that beauty, art and brilliance can be elements in fitness.